Tiny House Storage!

So one friend mentioned storage in the tiny house. So we (we being my husband and I) have taken that into consideration. First of all I suggest very strongly that you downsize a lot! When you have reached the point where you feel a spiritual awakening has occurred and you have lessened your load by at least 50% then you are ready to think about how you are going to fit all of the remaining 50% into a tiny house.

Instantly I began to think under the steps, in loft areas, and small cupboards. Good news there are even better ideas and places then the obvious. Start with the kitchen. If you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot you can purchase metal slide outs to hold your pots and pans, waste baskets/recycling bins, and dishes. The system we like is Rev-a-Shelf. We are using this in our big house. They make all different sizes for the many different size cabinets. You can also purchase these systems on amazon.

Next for the kitchen lets talk  Ikea. What a great place! We visited there in the summer when visiting the Charlotte, NC area. There are cubbies, baskets, bins, and a plethora of gadgets perfect for a tiny house. One of my favorites is the bars that you attach to the wall then use hooks to hang utensil, baskets, and even small pots from. So make sure you check it all out. You can shop Ikea online too.

Ikea has great storage ideas for other rooms too. In the bathroom you can do the same as in the kitchen with the bars that attach to the wall. Of course you would put bathroom items there.

In the bedroom think under the bed. Another idea is in wardrobes and small closets think about a pullout system for hang up clothes instead of the normal bar that goes straight across.

I keep reading blogs and articles and I watch YouTube videos to get ideas for storage I found three blogs I liked and gleaned some good ideas from so I am sharing them with you. These ideas could be handy in an RV as well.


10 Unique Storage Ideas For Your Tiny House

18 Brilliant Storage Ideas for Tiny Homes

Please enjoy and share your ideas. Comment appreciated.

Until next time.



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