The house hunt and plan B Tiny house is not going to happen.

Ok it has been a while since I posted on here. So first of all happy new year to everyone!!! We are under contract with the house and have been busy the past week packing and still down sizing.

We found out some very interesting information about tiny house living. First Jeff talked to the county building inspector. Wow a wealth of info from this guy. We found out that you can only live in a tiny house legally for 180 days a year in North Carolina. This does not mean that you can not have a tiny house only that you can not cfull-time live in it. Next a tiny house depreciates like a car. Finally if the inspector decides you are living illegally they can turn off your electricity.

That is a very condensed version of the building codes and then there are different zoning rules too. All of that being said, you can however live in a small house that is 401 square feet and larger legally. It must meet certain building codes and everything is fine.

Therefore we are exploring all kinds of options. From remodeling and all ready existing small home (500 sq. ft. – 1200 sq. ft.), to building a small home on a piece of land, to buying  land from our kids and building a small home there. It all one great big journey and I feel it is very exciting.

So the good news is our house is sold and we have a temporary apartment to stay in. We have done significant down sizing and we are still on track with our plans, although they have been altered a bit.

We will be doing more traveling and motorcycle riding when my foot is better. By the way I fracture my left foot. OUCH! But it is healing nicely and I should be riding again in a few weeks. Jeff is still riding just without me.

This has been a lot of stuff in one post so I will update soon.

Have a wonderful evening all.



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