Moving!!! and Closing

Hey everybody! Well we close on our house next Friday! yippie!

That being said we are moving to our temporary living quarters this weekend and through the first of the week. We are at least 80% packed and so hopefully we will be moved by Tuesday.

Next week will continue our search for our new place. Still not sure what we are going to do build or renovate. Whatever we do we will be going a lot smaller.

Next big trip on the motorcycles will be in April I think to Arkansas. I will keep this up-dated as things progress on the home search and bike journeys.

Hope to have some moving pictures too.



The house hunt and plan B Tiny house is not going to happen.

Ok it has been a while since I posted on here. So first of all happy new year to everyone!!! We are under contract with the house and have been busy the past week packing and still down sizing.

We found out some very interesting information about tiny house living. First Jeff talked to the county building inspector. Wow a wealth of info from this guy. We found out that you can only live in a tiny house legally for 180 days a year in North Carolina. This does not mean that you can not have a tiny house only that you can not cfull-time live in it. Next a tiny house depreciates like a car. Finally if the inspector decides you are living illegally they can turn off your electricity.

That is a very condensed version of the building codes and then there are different zoning rules too. All of that being said, you can however live in a small house that is 401 square feet and larger legally. It must meet certain building codes and everything is fine.

Therefore we are exploring all kinds of options. From remodeling and all ready existing small home (500 sq. ft. – 1200 sq. ft.), to building a small home on a piece of land, to buying  land from our kids and building a small home there. It all one great big journey and I feel it is very exciting.

So the good news is our house is sold and we have a temporary apartment to stay in. We have done significant down sizing and we are still on track with our plans, although they have been altered a bit.

We will be doing more traveling and motorcycle riding when my foot is better. By the way I fracture my left foot. OUCH! But it is healing nicely and I should be riding again in a few weeks. Jeff is still riding just without me.

This has been a lot of stuff in one post so I will update soon.

Have a wonderful evening all.


Our Bikes

Hi everyone!! Well I decided the time has come to talk about our motorcycles. I have been busy with my new job as EC teacher at my school so I have not been able to blog. Now that things are settling in and the school year is moving along nicely I will have more time to write.

That being said I will tell you about what Jeff and I drive. First I drive a Can-am Spyder. It is a 2013 ST Limited. A Spyder is made in Canada by a company name BRP. They make Ski-do jet skies, snowmobiles, and four wheelers. A Spyder, for anyone not familiar with this machine has two wheels in the front and one in the back. My Spyder has a double overhead cam V-twin engine with a displacement of 998 cc. The ST  stands for sports touring. It is current black and has pink daises painted on the front and back. The flowers were hand painted by a sweet lady named Sue Hopper. She does beautiful work on all sorts of vehicles. You can find her on Facebook

Jeff drives a BMW R1200 GS Adventure. This bike speaks for itself. It is made for on and offroad adventures. Which he has made excellent ones on this bike. I is white. Of course it is manufactured in Germany. It is a marvelous machine.

So that is our bikes. In my next blog I will tell about some of our many travels on our rides. Please feel free to like and comment.

Tiny House Storage!

So one friend mentioned storage in the tiny house. So we (we being my husband and I) have taken that into consideration. First of all I suggest very strongly that you downsize a lot! When you have reached the point where you feel a spiritual awakening has occurred and you have lessened your load by at least 50% then you are ready to think about how you are going to fit all of the remaining 50% into a tiny house.

Instantly I began to think under the steps, in loft areas, and small cupboards. Good news there are even better ideas and places then the obvious. Start with the kitchen. If you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot you can purchase metal slide outs to hold your pots and pans, waste baskets/recycling bins, and dishes. The system we like is Rev-a-Shelf. We are using this in our big house. They make all different sizes for the many different size cabinets. You can also purchase these systems on amazon.

Next for the kitchen lets talk  Ikea. What a great place! We visited there in the summer when visiting the Charlotte, NC area. There are cubbies, baskets, bins, and a plethora of gadgets perfect for a tiny house. One of my favorites is the bars that you attach to the wall then use hooks to hang utensil, baskets, and even small pots from. So make sure you check it all out. You can shop Ikea online too.

Ikea has great storage ideas for other rooms too. In the bathroom you can do the same as in the kitchen with the bars that attach to the wall. Of course you would put bathroom items there.

In the bedroom think under the bed. Another idea is in wardrobes and small closets think about a pullout system for hang up clothes instead of the normal bar that goes straight across.

I keep reading blogs and articles and I watch YouTube videos to get ideas for storage I found three blogs I liked and gleaned some good ideas from so I am sharing them with you. These ideas could be handy in an RV as well.

10 Unique Storage Ideas For Your Tiny House

18 Brilliant Storage Ideas for Tiny Homes

Please enjoy and share your ideas. Comment appreciated.

Until next time.


Busy Busy Busy!

Hello all! I have been back to work for two weeks. I am tired but enjoying my new position. We have had a few more people look at the house but no offers yet.

Downsizing is an ongoing process. We keep finding areas in the house to clean out. We are packing up things that we will take with us and storing them in the shed. We keep traveling on the motorcycles and having fun. Hopefully in Gods time the house will sell and we will move forward in building the tiny house.

In my next post I want to talk about storage in the tiny house, and possibly furniture for the tiny house. I do know that we are already thinking about what will and will not go in the tiny house.

Please stay with me for more up dates and let me know your thoughts. Here is the youtube video we made of our house. Please watch and enjoy share with friends and comment!

25 Loafers Glory Hill – YouTube
Aug 12, 2016 – Uploaded by Jeff Masterman

Beautiful home and land north of Asheville in the mountains of North Carolina. Contact: Cindy Casper, Real …

Downsizing Where We Are Now!

Well downsizing and selling a house is not always easy. We have done the following as far as downsizing; first the garage sale. My daughter has graciously offered and has sold many of our things at the community garage sale. I don’t believe just giving away or just adding to the landfill is healthy. If there is use left in an item and if the item is in good shape chances are someone can use it. Second donate! We have donated items to local shelters and charities and the volunteers seem truly happy to receive the items. Now remember don’t donate trash that is rude in my opinion. Finally there items that are trash. Please take those to the trash. We have hauled well over 100 black industrial trash bags to the dump.

Here is the hard part things that we own become sentimental even the trash. I feel most of us develop a strange emotional attachment to our belongings. I have had to let go of blue jeans and sweaters that I have had since high school. Side note, I have been out of high school for almost 40 years.

Things to keep are heirlooms. For instance my mom and grandmother have given me things and I will keep them as reminders of them. Also I have begun to hand some of these things down to my daughters. This to is part of downsizing. When I visit them, I can visit some of my things that I have great emotional attachment to.

Kitchen items figure out what you use in your kitchen all of the time. If you are moving into a tiny house, like we are, will it fit in the smaller kitchen? We are now at the point where we have accomplished getting rid of half of our kitchen things. We decided that as we move into the tiny house we would only bring items in that we know we will use. This I feel will take great perseverance so that we do not bring in things that will clutter up the tiny kitchen. Remember even kitchen items can have emotional attachment.

Each room needs to be thought of in this way. Downsizing is stressful and emotional! The most fantastic thing about  downsizing is once you get over the emotional hurdle, that first trip to the landfill or donation location you start to feel a freedom that is very spiritual. I began to feel less claustrophobic and the house seems to be clean and spacious. Even if you stay in a large house letting go of stuff is freeing.

Here are some resources that could be helpful:

Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home by Linda Hetzer Janet Hulstrand  (Author), David McGrievey (Illustrator)


Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash-A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize, and Move Paperback – January 2, 2007

There are a million articles, blogs, YouTube videos, and books on this subject so read and find the information you need and remember do what is best for your family and you.
Love an peace to all please feel free to comment.